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Charenton-le-Pont 94220

CENTRE VILLE - Au pied du Métro ligne 8 "CHARENTON-ECOLES" et à proximité de toutes commodités (commerces et Bois de Vincennes). Dans un bel immeuble ancien en bon état, appartement deux pièces offrant: entrée, cuisine indépendante aménagée/équipée (poss. ouverte/US), séjour de m², chambre, salle d'eau avec WC. Calme, parfaitement agencé et EMPLACEMENT IDEAL !

Paris 11 75011

MURS OCCUPES - OBERKAMPF - IDEAL INVESTISSEUR - Nous vous proposons dans le quartier de Oberkampf, dans un environnement commercial dense composé de, restaurants, pharmacie, bar, café, pizzeria, opticien, agence de voyage, boulangerie, etc. Des murs occupés d'une surface totale de 247 m² : - Au rez-de-chaussée (103m²) : bar, WC hommes et femmes avec lavabos, une mezzanine comprenant un local technique (chauffage, compteur EDF et GAZ, climatisation), deux escaliers d'accès au sous-sol.
Au sous-sol (144m²) : un bar, une salle, une remise à usage de stockage, un petit local technique comprenant la centrale de désenfumage et de téléphone. Loyer hc / mois : 6584.73 €. Prix métrique attractif, idéal investisseur.

Maisons-Alfort 94700

Situé à 5' du Métro et de toutes les commodités (commerces, écoles et espace verts). Dans un immeuble des années 70, en bon état général et parfaitement géré. Au dernier étage, appartement 3 pièces offrant: entrée, double séjour avec balcon (poss. 2ème chambre), cuisine (poss. cuisine ouverte) dégagement avec rangements, une chambre, dressing, salle de bains et WC séparés. CAVE ET PARKING EN SOUS-SOL. Traversant, vue dégagée sans vis-à-vis, lumineux !

Charenton-le-Pont 94220

EMPLACEMENT IDÉAL - Situé "Place Henri IV" à 150 mètres du Métro ligne 8 "Charenton-Ecoles" et à proximité de toutes commodités. Dans une petite copropriété (4 lots) en bon état général et sans aucun gros travaux à prévoir. Appartement de 40.02m² Loi Carrez offrant: beau séjour exposé plein Sud avec vue dégagée sans vis-à-vis, cuisine indépendante semi-équipée (poss. US), vaste chambre avec rangements et belle salle de bains avec WC. Parfaitement agencé, bon état général et lumineux (traversant). FAIRE VITE !

Saint-Maurice 94410

A 7 mn du métro 8 "Charenton écoles", dans un immeuble ancien au dernier étage, 2 pièces en parfait état de 31 m², comprenant un séjour, une cuisine aménagée, une chambre et une salle d'eau avec WC.
A visiter rapidement!!

Charenton-le-Pont 94220

Quartier Liberté au pied du métro ligne 8 " Liberté " et de toutes commodités dans un bel immeuble très bien entretenu et sécurisé par digicode. Deux pièces de 30m² au sol très bien agencé comprenant : entrée, cuisine équipée, séjour, chambre et salle d'eau avec WC. Appartement dans un très bon état. Coup de cœur assuré !

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Real estate agent

The real estate agent is a professional acting as an intermediary in real estate transactions. The real estate agent must imperatively hold a written mandate signed by the client to proceed in his name and for his account to research, negotiate or sign deeds.


Real estate expert

The certified real estate expert is a professional specialised in the precise determination of the market value of a property. He is the guarantor of perfect fairness during a property transaction. In the accomplishment of his mission, the real estate valuer writes a valuation report and engages his professional civil liability.


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Your property deserves our expertise!

Take advantage of a market value appraisal that precisely defines the value of your property. is a real estate agency in Charenton le Pont located as close as possible to our clients. This proximity allows us to have a very detailed knowledge of the local real estate market, its fluctuations, and points of tension. With this expertise, we can provide a very precise real estate appraisal of your property and give the best advice to our clients. We operate in the municipalities of Maison Alfort, Alfortville, Saint Maurice, and Charenton-le-Pont.

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Why call on an expert for the appraisal of your property in Charenton-le-Pont?

We are real estate professionals, and as such, we have extensive experience in the field of buying and selling all types of real estate. Thus, we offer you an real estate appraisal in Charenton Le Pont. We assist our selling clients in all necessary procedures and bring them our know-how so they can carry out a real estate transaction within reasonable timeframes and in compliance with the rules in force. It is very important to offer your property at the right price, as a price that is too high will delay the sale, and a price that is too low will arouse the suspicion of buyers or make you do a bad deal. We are a proximity real estate agency with experts who know about future construction projects and planned urban transformations. They have a fair view of the market and know the prices charged for similar properties to yours. Based on this knowledge, they can estimate the fair market value of your home. And as a bonus, they can provide valuable advice to make your home more attractive.

Our real estate management service in Charenton-le-Pont

Are you a landlord and find the management of your real estate portfolio tedious? Would you like to be relieved of this task? Why not entrust it to us? We take care of everything. We search for solvent tenants for you and set up unpaid rent insurance. Depending on the needs, we remind bad payers and contact companies if necessary, and provide you with quotes so that you can validate them. We ensure the implementation of the syndicate's decisions and pay the charges to them.

Our commitment is to do an impeccable job to defend your best interests and to surround ourselves with competent people to provide advice or solve problems even in emergencies. If you entrust us with the management of your rental property portfolio, we guarantee you a rigorous job performed with the utmost seriousness, giving you the guarantee of regained peace of mind and significant time savings. We also ensure the rental management of offices, commercial premises, parking spaces, and any other real estate you can put to rent.

What is the job of a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is a professional in the real estate transaction. They have the skills, knowledge, and demeanor to act as a mediator between the parties involved. They are responsible for ensuring fairness in each purchase, sale or rental of a property. On behalf of their property owner client, they look for either a buyer with a strong file or a solvent tenant, as appropriate. On behalf of their buyer or tenant client, they look for properties that meet the criteria presented by their clients. They then organize visits so that their clients can find their property. The real estate agent writes leases, carries out the entry condition report, and signs documents for tenants and landlords in the case of a rental. They draw up and sign the sales contract for the different parties in the event of a sale. As a professional, they have irreplaceable knowledge and expertise in real estate, as well as a solid understanding of the fiscal, legal, and technical framework of this particular field. This field is constantly evolving, so real estate agents continuously train to always provide added value and help you acquire or sell your property at a fair price.

The profession of real estate expert

The real estate expert is an approved professional whose specialty is to accurately assess the value of your property based on objective elements. To conduct this expertise, they first study the market. Then, the professional comes to your home and investigates with great precision to identify the strengths of your property and identify areas for improvement. They may even recommend solutions to further enhance the value of your property. Following the visit, the real estate expert provides their clients with an expertise report. Their professional liability is engaged, so the profession requires rigor and investment. Clients use this real estate appraisal to set the selling price. As an expert, the various parties in a real estate transaction are ensured of perfect fairness.

Our real estate agency Charenton le Pont specializes in real estate in the Val de Marne.

Benefiting from their proximity to Paris and driven by the project for the rehabilitation of eastern Paris, Maisons-Alfort and Charenton-le-Pont are attractive cities. They offer a pleasant living environment with the Bois de Vincennes and the banks of the Marne River, and they are dynamic with many local shops and small businesses well established locally. Couples and families can find sufficiently spacious apartments in these localities, as well as schools, healthcare centers, sports and cultural associations, and large shopping centers.